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1st Luzmelt 「ラズメルト」 Support/Fan Community
"Illusion and the near future: the fusion of two delicate world views"
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27th-Sep-2010 02:47 am - Birthday Post ★

Yesterday is our guitarist Kaie's birthday!
September 27th (Japanese time)

We wish him all the best!
1st-Jul-2010 10:13 am - Birthday Post ★

Today is our guitarist Asuka's birthday!
July 2nd (Japanese time)

We wish him all the best!
29th-Mar-2010 10:00 pm - Birthday Post ★
Today is our vocalist Yuhma's birthday!
March 30th (Japanese time)

We wish him all the best!

(I was so busy I almost forgot to post)
24th-Mar-2010 10:56 am - maxi single
kaneki | tokyo ghoul
I was checking my ameba updates (...in school), and I saw this at the top of Yuhma's blog, so I translated it. My Japanese isn't that great, so it's probably not too accurate. (I didn't translate the ticket info, though.)

5月20日 表参道FAB(Luzmelt 1st maxi single発売記念イベント)
-brilliant longing colors- 1st maxi single「sacrifice」先行発売
ADV¥3,000 DAY¥3,500(D別)


May 20th, at Omotesando FAB (Luzmelt 1st maxi single sale commemoration event)
-brilliant longing colors- 1st maxi single "sacrifice" will be on sale.
¥3,000 in advance, ¥3,500 upon entry. (each day)
*Everyone admitted into the Luzmelt live will receive a DVD + unpublished photos as a present!
21st-Dec-2009 12:20 pm - Introduction★
Welcome to the First community for the new Visual Kei band Luzmelt.

If you're interested & haven't joined yet,
please join & show your support for the band/community.

Any questions or comments you have about this community,
they can be asked in reply to this entry.

ThanksSupport Luzmelt